A Profile of Little Beautiful Minds Primary Academy

July 16, 2016
Over the course of a little over a decade, the Little Beautiful Minds Primary Academy has grown to become one of the largest privately owned childcare centers in the Greater New Orleans Area. This is no small feat for Toniko Manning Brown, a woman with a plan who founded the school and has almost single-handedly grown the business from nothing n 2002.

Over the years, Toniko Manning Brown has turned Little Beautiful Minds into one of the most highly regarded schools in the area, providing a solid educational foundation to young children in Metairie and the surrounding area. The school consistently gives its students well-rounded intellectual and fun activities. Under her guidance, the school is able to create a great balance between integrated play-based activities and academics that foster a lifelong love of learning. What once began as a dream of founder and executive director Toniko Manning Brown has transformed into one of the region’s top youth educational and daycare facilities.